Data Sandbox

Below are some examples of data visualizations with LOE and method.

Flourish Examples

Where does science happen? (1-2 hrs)

For this visualization, I began with the Flourish US (states) starting point. I then copied over the regions data to Google Sheets and ran a vlookup on the NSF data on scientists and engineers by state and another vlookup to get the per capita data, which I then pasted back into the original regions data. For the points data, I copied the Nature Index data over to google sheets, exported to csv and then ran the csv through a python script to query the location of the research centers, which I pasted back to the main spreadsheet.

Abortion Rate (5-10 minutes)

For this one, I divided abortions by the pregnancy rate in the US for every year since Roe v Wade.

Embed Examples

How quickly is Monkeypox spreading? (5-10 min)

Here I just googled “monkeypox geojson” and clicked around until I found an embed button.