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Reluctant Healer

My luck with girls changed when I moved to San Francisco to work for The Mercury as a Circulation Manager.  Sarah Cohen, who sat next to me in the collection of cubes by the stairwell, was so very different from the young ladies at Texas Baptist, my alma mater.  She had unshaved armpits, for one […]

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Data Sandbox

Below are some examples of data visualizations with LOE and method. Flourish Examples Where does science happen? (1-2 hrs) For this visualization, I began with the Flourish US (states) starting point. I then copied over the regions data to Google Sheets and ran a vlookup on the NSF data on scientists and engineers by state

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Below are some of the products I have engineered over the years. All code samples below are entirely my own work, and you may use them without attribution. As of this writing, all code is live on at least one (and probably several) of the sites I manage, so no excuses. My larger projects are

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